5 Things I Learned in Teacher’s College

August 24, 2018

For some people, teaching is a dream. It is a calling for others. Others just take up this huge role in order to get some income. Whatever the reason may be, not everyone goes into the teaching profession knowing exactly what to expect from it. There are lots of challenges as there are advantages. Going to a teachers college helps you understand the reality that comes with this profession far from the actual studies so you can easily fit into the role. Here are five things that I learned in teachers college.

1. Your reality will be different from your dream

Those who really want to be teachers have probably been dreaming about it their whole lives. They have been admiring teachers as they grew up and they probably cannot wait to be in that position and change the lives of children. Well,that’s the dream. The reality will not be as glamorous as you think it will. Children are hard to work with. They need constant supervision and monitoring. They have to be directed all the time and they transition differently from lessons. You will probably go home on most days wondering if they understood anything.

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2. It is essential for your life as a teacher

Being in a teachers college, I got to learn that your career as a teacher largely depends not just on your credentials but on how well you do on your placement. During this period, you will have a principal come to observe your skills as a teacher. If they do not come, you always have your associate teacher and it would be great if you got a good reference letter from either one of these individuals as that largely dictates how your career will go.

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3. Collaboration is key

You will find that you always want to do well as a teacher.you want to perfect your art. You want to have the best and most unique lessons so you spend so much time trying to piece things up together to the point where you will be in a rush to finish things just before your class. I learned that collaboration is key. Work closely with other teachers. They have probably taught the units you do and you can always tweak their material for your students.

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4. Teaching involves listening

As much as you will be the teacher,it is important that you take time to listen to your students too. Pay attention to their needs. You will learn much from from listening to them than from talking to them.

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5. Teaching is not limited to a classroom

The art and science of teaching can occur outside the confinements of a classroom. I came to learn that learning happens anywhere and everywhere as long as there is a lesson to be learned and those ready to take it.

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